Staying Confident in the Gospel

If you are a Christian and doing as commanded which is to share the Gospel to everyone and to anyone, you will quickly learn that it is most often rejected rather than accepted. Coming from a sales background, I can say it can be unsettling and disappointing at first when you face rejection after rejection. But the more you BELIEVE in what you are sharing, the less unsettling and disappointing it will be.

To stay confident in the Gospel, all one needs to do is understand that same Gospel was the same power which saved you! It doesn’t lose power. And you also need to realize it is not YOU who is being rejected, it is Jesus Christ. The Gospel needs no apology or tweaking. However our approach and confidence in that Gospel might need adjustments.

If you come across as defeated, lacking confidence, or sheepishly making apologies for the Gospel, don’t expect the listener to buy anything you are sharing. Rather, be EXCITED and CONFIDENT that this Gospel is the power unto that sinner’s salvation, and you can never go wrong.

The Gospel WILL be rejected! Understand this, accept this. It will only take hold if God so wills and He unleashes His regeneration power unto a fallen depraved sinner who at that time WILL accept it. We do not know who God is working on, who He is drawing, who is regenerated, so we share it with everyone and anyone.

Special pleadings never work, so try not to pressure one. Let God do His work and get out of the Gospel’s way. We can only give the warning of Hell, and the key which unlocks the Kingdom to the sinner by the Gospel, the Good News! You did your job for the Kingdom, now move onto another. Don’t get entrapped by the “why are they not getting this?”, “why won’t they believe?” Trust in God’s timing, His plan, His purpose. And if that sinner you confidently shared the Gospel to never believes, that’s on them, not on you!

So always share the Good News of Jesus Christ in FULL truth, and in FULL confidence! It is hard on the ears of the fallen sinner, but easy on the ears of the children God eternally chose!

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