Understanding the Holy Standard

I has been quite evident, especially in today’s culture there is a vast difference between what human beings expect as a standard to go to heaven, and what the actual standard is.

I will attempt to demonstrate the Holy Standard by an analogy. Let’s say a parent of a child invoked a perfection standard on his or her children, such as if they failed in any way to meet this standard, the rule is the child would be kicked out of the house no matter how young they were or what their intelligence level was. It is simply, if they break one rule of a long list of rules, the child could no longer reside in the house. The child might have kept 100 of the rules, but one day broke just a minor rule, and that parent said “off you go, you are hereby evicted”.

Unbelievers and scoffers of God or those who don’t quite understand God’s holiness will instantly see it as unjust. Children are imperfect, so you would see that parent as being cruel, instead of the child’s rule breaking. There might be second, third, fourth chances we give to our children, but God doesn’t do this, His ways are not our ways. And it doesn’t make Him cruel, or non-understanding, it makes Him holy. Sin is His enemy, He cannot dwell in it, or Satan would also be seen as holy in this respect as well.

So the Holy Standard is ABSOLUTE perfection. You could say this is impossible to achieve, and you would be correct. And one misstep, one sin, and you are kicked out of His Kingdom not temporarily, but eternally! Ask Adam and Eve if you don’t believe me. Their simple disobedience caused them to be booted from the Garden, no second chance, no chance to make amends or restitution, God’s justice is perfect and holy, and there was no appeal.

If you don’t believe the Holy Standard from God, you then will scoff and mock at the remedy He provided. While knowing no human being could meet this impossible standard, God sent a Savior, His name is Jesus Christ. Jesus MET that Holy Standard on behalf of those who could not! Those who place their faith alone in Him, who entrust their soul to Him, instantly meet the standard thus satisfying God’s justice. They are now looked as meeting God’s Holy Standard!! This in a nutshell is called the Gospel, the Good News. Jesus died for you so that you now meet God’s sinless standard. You cannot be kicked out the Kingdom now, because of the absolute perfection Jesus graced you with! He not only pardoned you of all your sins, but He gave you His name as your Mediator which means that perfection standard has been met.

Does it mean when one sins after they had been saved, do they still meet the Holy Standard? Yes! Because justice has been satisfied, the sinner STILL meets God’s Holy Standard. It doesn’t mean one has a license to sin however, the saved sinner realizes what Jesus did on their behalf and naturally repents of sin, nor do they seek sin or desire sin. By His death, He paid the debt of each and every sin you committed, are committing, and will commit in this lifetime. NO BETTER NEWS than this! He placed you on the Holy Standard by His person and His work alone!

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