You will NEVER be Good Enough

Romans 5:8 “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us”


Many unbelievers have been spurned by a world religion which basically teaches that BEFORE God could save the sinner, that sinner must reform themselves, to be “good enough” in effect for God to save them. Scripture teaches the opposite!

The sad fact is many unbelievers give up all hope by these false world religions. As they then say, “look, I am such a nasty sinner, I have done so many BAD things, so according to what I have heard, I am beyond saving”. I am here to tell the one who thinks this way, that you were LIED to!

Thousands of years before you were even a blip on the radar so to speak, Jesus died on the Cross. He waited for no one to reform themselves, He went and died on your behalf if you so believe in Him. As Paul stated above “while we were still sinners”. So the world religion who says “you need to” do anything BEFORE Jesus will save you, are deceiving you!

Jesus died (past tense), at that moment He paid your sin debt knowing each and every sin you would commit in your entire lifetime. He paid for them ALL including the ones you are ignorant of. This is the Good News! The bad news is that if you died not believing He did this, you were not saved. Which means an eternal torment in hell, no matter how “good” you thought you were, and many in those world religions are heading to that eternal hell.

You see, God demands ABSOLUTE perfection. There is no lee-way here. Adam and Eve committed simple disobedience, and they were cast out of the Garden with no second chances. God didn’t take into affect their good deeds before that point, they sinned and that is all it took! They were no longer going to be able to dwell with God eternally.

God knowing that you can NEVER be “good enough”, sent His Son Jesus Christ to die on the Cross to ATONE for your wicked rotten self. Jesus did this willingly! Again, He didn’t wait until you got your act together, He paid the price on your behalf knowing full well you’d never get your act together nor would you have the perfection needed to dwell with God. This is the heart of the Gospel, the Good News! By Jesus rising from the dead, by which the secular world celebrates “Easter”, you too are promised to rise again IF you have placed your faith alone in Him!

What is the evidence of being saved? First and foremost is an innate and genuine desire to REPENT, to turn away from a life of sin and to turn to God’s holiness, a striving for it. Again, Jesus didn’t wait until you repented, He already PAID your sin debt, you rather repent out of thanksgiving for what He DID on your behalf! This repentance is natural, not forced, and if a burden, you most likely were never saved but deceived. The call to REPENT should be a head nod, not a fight, you don’t seek ways to get away with sin, but are now seeking ways not to commit sin. If an adulterer in your former life, you naturally seek to stop being an adulterer for example, know what Jesus did for YOU!

Romans 4:5 But to him who does not work but believes on Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness

You see? God justifies the UNGODLY, not the godly who think they reformed themselves by goodness or morality to make themselves somehow self righteously worthy for God to save. Jesus DIED on the Cross, He rose again!

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