Let God Be True

let God be true but every man a liar(Reference Romans 3:4)

A case for Sola Scriptura, a hard contested doctrine by Roman Catholics and all world religions whereby man is the truth by their inventions and doctrines and God is the liar. It literally flips what the Apostle Paul said on its head!

My repeated challenge for those who do not believe by the Bible alone it is the authority for faith and practice in Jesus Christ, is where else can one find the truth from God and know without any doubt that this truth is from God? Because if we use the premise that man is a natural liar, we cannot then naturally trust it as truth no matter WHO is preaching the doctrine.

Thus the only way one can determine the Gospel being preached by man is true has to come from an ultimate standard of truth which is God Himself. And where is this truth contained? Scripture! Paul reiterates this in Galatians 1:1-9 that if anyone preaches a different Gospel than what God has stated, including even from the Apostles, angels, etc. that it MUST be discarded. Very important to remember!

This is why discernment is so very important from the word of God. Anyone can preach anything, and anyone can claim to be a “Christian”. Externally they will exude a religion, piousness, gentle words, but if they are preaching against the truth found in Scripture, they must be called out as false.

The premise is “every man is a liar” and “God is true”, so if you always use this as your standard, discernment then comes easy. You will not take at face value what man has told you, you will TEST this teaching by the truth, and again that truth was revealed from ONE JUST SOURCE, Scripture!

If you are not trusting in God, or you really don’t believe He exists or that His word is much too convicting, you will be then trusting man, habitual and natural liars. I mentioned this long ago about my own posts, don’t trust me, rather TEST me by the word of God to know what I am saying is the truth. Trust God instead! He will lead you into all truth and supplies vasts amount of wisdom to do so to the WILLING.

You will be always led astray if you are not discerning by the ultimate truth contained in the very word of God. So whenever one is fighting against His word as the only truth revealed, ask yourself why they would be doing this. Most likely because they would rather trust man as that truth!

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