Is Donald J. Trump Your god?

With the election approaching, I’d be negligent if I did not write about the glaring problem in this society today. This has NOTHING to do with endorsing a candidate. It incenses me when I see anyone trying to hold Mr. Trump to a perfection standard while then not holding that same standard for everyone including the person in the mirror.

Yes, you might be blind to this inherent fact that IF you hold Trump to absolute perfection, infallible in every way, he just became your god. Does this mean you cannot disagree with him? No! It means that holding him carefully on every word or action to absolute perfection, you are in effect deeming him as a deity. Your disappointment then is chastise this deity of yours because he failed to meet your standard. I have news for those who disagree, Trump is merely a human being, complete with flaws as everyone else. Is this a reason to hate him? If you do hate him, you also hate the person in the mirror.

Those who generally hold Trump to this perfection standard and now hate him, that he can have NO past sins, NO mistakes, NO harsh language, then you MUST, and I repeat MUST hold your own desired candidate to this same PERFECT standard or you are deemed a HYPOCRITE. So in this case, if Trump’s past foul deeds or statements are the reason you will not vote for him, then you must ALSO use the same reasoning when it comes to Joe Biden who also has plenty of past foul deeds and statements. In other words, you aren’t voting for a politician for the highest office, but a false DEITY who you subjectively see as your god. Your hate stems from this perfect standard of which NO HUMAN BEING can achieve.

President Trump and Joe Biden are sinners as I am as a sinner as YOU are a sinner. They are NOT deities!

And to be fair, there are a limited amount biased Trump supporters who must also NOT deem or claim that he is perfect in actions or deeds or words either or he is in fact your god as well. NO ONE IS PERFECT OTHER THAN GOD!

Lastly, do not try to bring Jesus Christ as a comparison to either candidate. This is beyond disgusting and any logical reasoning. If faith and morals are how you vote in your reasoning, ask yourself who would better protect the most vulnerable in society, namely the unborn. Who would better protect freedoms such as speech, liberty, education, and basic human rights such as religious freedom. You cannot in this reasoning use the past sins of either, but what their actions would be by what they are promising.

And for those who are still confused, Jesus never taught a modernistic social justice gospel. Never once did He advocate taking by force from the rich and give the spoils to the poor. The ONLY equality He taught was that we are ALL sinners in God’s eyes and He is NEVER partial in classes or distinction as to who He saves. He never set subjective “science” and humanism as means of any faith, but always to have faith in Him and His promises. Ask yourself which candidate most closely identifies with this?

Vote wisely! You will most definitely account for it in the end when all arguments end for good.

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