The Essence of Patience

knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience: (Ref James 1:3)

I can speak from personal life experience that when and if we dismiss God’s will for our desires of which we want right now, those decisions ultimately always end in sad failure. We want it now, but God is silent. So we push the envelope and take matters into our own hands which leaves us blind without His advocacy. God allows this.

So what happens in this pushing the envelope, we make decisions based on emotions, lust, and irrational reasoning. Some for example desire to get married and are depressed because the right one or anyone for that matter has not come along to fill that desire. So instead of patience, they push the envelope and are consumed with achieving the end desire that they are willing to marry absolutely anyone despite any discernment.

In medical emergencies, sometimes patience is disregarded and it leads to an unexpected demise. The desire to be healthy will quickly devoid the reasoning of what the doctor is actually prescribing, so the patient may take a drug not recommended by a doctor but by social media or a colleague or family member for example. Or they may not be willing to wait on a surgery, and try risking something dangerous to gain their health back. This will lead to very tragic results including death and suicide in some cases.

What is probably the number one key indicator of one who is depressed? If you listen carefully and closely, it is generally something they have not gained and have given up hope in waiting for, they are unwilling to wait any longer. Patience is the missing key element or was just cast off, which lead to this depression. “I want the promotion now!”, “I want him or her to marry me now and they won’t”, “I want to go on the vacation this year, but I don’t have the money”, “I want them to accept me now, and they won’t”, and other such sentiments as these which are keys to this void of patience which produced the depression.

God’s timing must be always trusted!! If things fall into place easily, you should know that He being the loving God made this line up, your waiting time is over. If however the task is quite difficult, you aren’t seeing desired outcomes, things are more of a problem, you should know God is telling you to wait, be patient. His timing is never our timing!


And by this to FULLY BELIEVE in His direction for your life!

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