If Scripture isn’t Teaching it, it ain’t Christianity!

Want the Christian church to take you seriously? You must have a command of Scripture and its truth. There are so many who claim they have been saved, claim they are true Christians, and other than generalities could not tell you a thing about what God teaches through His word.

Setting the Bible on the shelf to collect dust or used for show to your family and friends is also exposing the uselessness the Bible has in your life. And for those who constantly give excuses, STOP giving excuses and start seeing God’s word as the ultimate priority.

You don’t need to be an expert of biblical doctrine, no one really is, but you should at least know the basics. Because there will come a time when a non-Christian or a Christian will challenge your basic knowledge. A Christian in modern society really has ZERO excuses to give.

But one of the main excuses I see is “I don’t have the time”. “Really?” I always think to myself when I hear that excuse. Because the person has time for their pastimes and hobbies and family and career, but then calls themselves a Christian while not having time for God and His word? They sit on Facebook all day for example, and have no time for a passage of Scripture to study?

I can speak from my own testimony. Upon leaving the Catholic Church, I saw how deficient I truly was in Scripture. I allowed others to deceive me because I didn’t take the time on my own to study these things to see if they were truth by Scripture. NEVER AGAIN, I said to myself, NEVER AGAIN! Never again would I allow some clown or clowns try a false doctrine out on me without that test of Scripture. Because the nice thing about Scripture is it quickly shows a falsehood.

A good rule of thumb is, if Scripture isn’t teaching it, it ain’t Christianity! And the Apostle Paul states in Galatians 1:8-9 that NO MATTER who it is teaching the falsehood, it is to be discarded with a curse and distaste. It could be in your mind the most moral and sincere person you have ever met in your life, if Scripture isn’t teaching it, it ain’t Christianity.

Scripture will always be the ultimate truth, the end of the line. God did not err, nor could He be in err. So it is always trustworthy and the highest place of truth!

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